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ROMINA RIVERO artista contemporánea, art contemporary, aliento vital,vacío,dualidad, libertad



flow-er 2015

Bancs de l'Europe 

European Parliament, Strasbourg


FLOW-er is the Spanish design awarded in European benches, a contest open to young european designers.

One bench has been selected by country, and these will be placed on the outside of the European Parliament of the city of Strasbourg (France) next May. The benches will be place, along the European path, starting from in front of the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, on quai Ernest Bevin and in front of the European Parliament, in link with the historic place mark stones. 


This work approach an exclusive design bench (street furniture) by means of the application of a contemporary language, subject to various criteria from a hybrid condition. The link with the European Union and its 28 member countries, the country's identity by the symbol of the national flower (the clavel), promotion of the feminine, and the fusion of craftsmanship work and the new technologies, reveal the evolution of a society of present and of future.


The motto of the European Union is " Unity in Diversity ". The circular design is centred on the idea of ¨Good Common¨ and public space, place of synergy for the meeting, the communication and the alliance. To create situations, trying to expand the transformative dialogue of the contemporary art and of the design in the search for new methods to ' read the city '.


Minimalist expression that relates poetic and balancedly, by means of visual elements such as color, form and matter. Reciprocity between the flow, movement, organic and circulate, it as a metaphor for the human being who experiences a continuous and cyclic transformation process.





Alfons Simó (artist and designer), SPE (Estrasburgo Pour l'Europe), Strasbourg´s City, Alsacia,Bas-Rhin´s Department, CEAAC (Centre Européen d'Action Artistique Contemporaine), Department of Culture of France, European Union, CaixaBank, La Laguna´s City, Canarias Crea, Fondation Caja Canarias, Gobierno of Canarias and Cabildo of Tenerife.

Artwork registered in LPI & Industrial Design registered OEPM





flow-er  2015

Wood and water varnish,   2 x 0,35 x 0.55 m.

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