artist statement 

The European "I clear" and the Oriental "I blurred" is the constant transversality on which mi work rests, on focusing the research on the coextensive relationship between power, resistance, creativity and life. For it is precisely, where live the power relations, that lives the power and thus there is the resistence.

For this, I use a hybridized textile between a Taoist philosophy and aesthetic, and the statalized political fictions of from the S. XVII to the present day and their clinical discourses (tanatopolitic, biopolitic and pharmacopornpolitic), which find the present "era of the biopolitics". A personal ethical discourse turned into aesthetics, which unifies my work and declares that the normalization of disciplinary procedures and medical-normalizing techniques, has converted the human being into a subject and the life into an object or clinical history.

From the chromatic austerity and the diversity of languages ​​and media, I always develop a subtle, vitalist work; with the intention of consolidating the idea and the action of resistance exerted by the human being, like a dynamic element " the power to be ", a vital space and a social habitat. This is understood as vigor, identity, strength, memory, integrity, dignity, rebellion, intimacy, disobedience or freedom. And we are the Huberman´s "imago" and firefly, are the self-transformation proclaimed by Jean Paul Sartre, are the freedom´s practice, or at least, the attempt.