ROMINA RIVERO artista contemporánea, art contemporary, aliento vital,vacío,dualidad, libertad



 artist statement 

The links, transfers and interlacing between the European "I clear" and the Oriental "I blurred" is the constant on which my work rests, focusing the research on aspects of medicine and philosophy around biopolitical violence. I oppose and I make coexist a neoliberal western medicine with Traditional Medicine; and classical Taoist Philosophy with certain contemporary thought forms (Foucault and Preciado). One of the main axes are of the statalized political fictions from the S. XVII to the present day and their clinical discourses: biopower, applied through tanatopolitic, biopolitic and pharmacopornpolitic. Inherent, in these processes of political androcentrism on the "control of life", is the destruction of the  woman´s authority over medicine, over biological and social reproduction, and over social and political creativity. My work unifies and declares that the "normalization" of disciplinary procedures and the medicalization of life, has converted the human being into a subject and the life into an object or clinical history.


I feel a vital need to beautify "the grief” through the wound, the scar and the trauma nested in the corporeal. I try to show the texture of them, that empty space or forgotten of grief and suffering that is omitted in our present. My work narrates the experience of how the grief of biopolitical violence operates in our organism, in a direct way (our own body) or indirectly (after the absence of a loved one).


And even though the neoliberal heteronorm has turned the private into public, the necrocracy into the form of government, and the majority of us are typified as minorities in order to be silenced, my intention is to consolidate the idea and the action of autonomy and intimacy. I express myself subtly from the chromatic austerity and the diversity of languages. We are the space we inhabit, we are our body, territory and place of memory. In this ephemeral life of firefly, our scars are identity, our screams are memory, our grief is strength. We are the dignification of our alive and our dead. We are the freedom´s practice, or at least, the attempt.  

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