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ROMINA RIVERO artista contemporánea, art contemporary, aliento vital,vacío,dualidad, libertad



 artist statement 

The links between the European "I clear" and the Oriental "I blurred" is the constant on which my work rests, focusing the research on aspects of medicine and philosophy around biopolitical violence. I oppose and I make coexist a neoliberal western medicine with Traditional Medicine; and classical Taoist Philosophy, mainly, with certain contemporary thought forms. One of the main axes are of the statalized political fictions from the S. XVII to the present day and their clinical discourses: biopower, applied through tanatopolitic, biopolitic and pharmacopornpolitic. Inherent in these processes is the destruction of the  woman´s authority over medicine, over biological and social reproduction, and over social and political creativity.


I feel a vital need to beautify "the grief” through the wound, the scar and the trauma nested in the corporeal. I try to show the texture of them, that empty space or forgotten of grief and suffering that is omitted in our present. My work narrates the experience of how the grief of biopolitical violence operates in our organism, in a direct way (our own body) or indirectly (after the absence of a loved one).


 artist statement vídeo  



Romina Rivero, 1982.

Graduated in Fine Arts from the ULL in Multidisciplinary Contemporary Art (2014) and Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, specializing in Manopuncture from the CAO (2016-2020).

In her career there are individual exhibitions such as Primum non nocere_lo primero es cuidar closed in August of last year at CIC EL Almacén de César Manrique, Ikigay_Anatomy of the fireflies at the Artizar Gallery last year and En Fuga at the SAC (Tenerife) both in 2021, as well as Resistencias at Hybrid Art Fair'19 (Madrid) again with Artizar. In 2018 she starred in El espíritu no es un hueso at TEA (Tenerife Espacio de Las Artes), and in 2017 he presented Ad Intus, the space we inhabit at La Regenta (Gran Canaria).


She has also participated in various national and international collective exhibitions such as: V Contemporary Graphic Salon at the Nahim Isaías Museum (Ecuador) in 2022, and Decomposition/Expansion for the Francis Naranjo Foundation (L.P. from Gran Canaria) or Dúo Project at the Fair JUSTMAD in 2021. Years before, in 2019, Alégrame ese Pascuas opened at “Factoría de Arte y Desarrollo” and SeAlquila Futuro (8th edition) both in Madrid, Benches for Europe in France, and the III Biennale di Genova (Italy) where it receives the Critics Award. ​


Artizar Gallery presents her at NOW'15 as a young contemporary emerging artist in the Canary Islands arts scene, and that same year she won a competition for the exteriors of the European Parliament (Strasbourg), where one of her pieces is currently located. She has been awarded other prizes such as: the NOW'19 Scholarship by the Artizar Gallery, the 2018 Artistic Residency at TEA, or the Sculpture Contest for the contemporary SEGAI author building of the University of La Laguna in 2014, hosting since then in its headquarters the work of the artist. ​


She has presented her debut for the VII edition of MMM (Mujeres Mirando Mujeres) and participated in MAV Okupa los Museos. Currently, is preparing her next objectives: individual exhibition at the Modus Operandi Gallery (Madrid), collective exhibition at Sala Bretón de Astillero (Cantabria), art residency at RARA (Málaga), public presentation of the unprecedented exhibition project Declarations, prayers and treatises in La Regenta, among others. Her work is in both private and public national and international.

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