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ROMINA RIVERO artista contemporánea, art contemporary, aliento vital,vacío,dualidad, libertad



Biomorphic phantasia 2014-2015

. SEGAI´s Building, Research Centre

PHASE I Sculpture Project

The expressive architectural idea from which The GPY Architects conceptually conceive this contemporary building that houses the SEGAI, is the Botanical. The overhanging  volume constitutes the foliage and the underground floors represent the tree roots. So therefore, the sculpture proposed represents the fruit, which it consolidates as one more sequence more of this artificial nature designed and also articulates with the language of cultivated fields in the immediate environment.


Inclusively, from its other layers of meaning, the sculpture shows and contextualizes metaphorical and explicitly the specificity the Scope of Experimental Sciences of SEGAI from an approach biochemical, genetic, mineralogical, botanical, biomimetic, bio- evolutionary,  systematic , optical, etc. Biomorphic phantasia embedded binomial Science –Nature, it is inspired in the abyssal diversity of structures of living organisms and the formation of matter observed through a microscope. Real experience and temporary illusion. A form of art as a bridge between biological time and artistic time as subjective expression.


























































PHASE II Installation Project


This second phase of Art Project (March 2015) absorbs its meaning of the idea by which it was conceived Biomorphic phantasia. Again it is presented as a new, original and site-specific piece.


Focusing Biomorphism in the action field of fine arts, it is the representation of forms or elements of a surface that evokes forms linked to what we perceive in nature. Metaphorically qualified for this work, an abstract painting, visual, and the fleetingness of observation microscopic biological/scientific: Art, Nature and Science.









Phantasia biomórfica  2015

Methacrylate, paper and latex,  2,5 x 1 x 3,5 m.  


Phantasia biomórfica  2015

Methacrylate, paper and latex,  variable dimensions

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