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ROMINA RIVERO artista contemporánea, art contemporary, aliento vital,vacío,dualidad, libertad



I am a woman, I´m medicine, I am an artist, 2023




A work that is political, that is committed, that is feminist and also that is very different, but with many links found although aesthetically they can be quite opposite poles."


Nerea Ubieto
       curator, manager and art critic


Verónica Ruth Frías is much more than a great artist, she is a Super Woman, one of those who transgress the constricted codes of art to give the occasional lesson in resistance, humor and humility. Nothing and no one stands in the way of her convictions, not even Marina Abramovich herself, because art belongs to everyone and for everyone, let it be clear.

The vindication of women's rights and the recognition of their multifaceted nature is a central theme in Verónica's work. Also her praise, as a good feminist that she is: proud, determined and activist through her work, which is her life.   


      Romina Rivero moves between the territories of the symbolic, the political and the beautiful.

...a sensitivity of an oriental nature that is expressed, ...bodies as a social reality that transcends and conditions the individual; beauty is something intrinsic to their way of creating.

A key theme within the creator's work: the bodies that suffer and are subjected to a biopolitical regime but, above all, their ability to heal and contemplate their scars. The importance of loss and pain take on a leading role in a work that praises the growth of the individual, their power of regeneration and their vulnerability.


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