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ROMINA RIVERO artista contemporánea, art contemporary, aliento vital,vacío,dualidad, libertad



Ad intus, The Space In Which We Live 2015


Museum of Modern Art: TEA (Tenerife Arts Space)

With the arrival of Postmodernism, this artist found inherent in reality the quality of being authentic and unquestionable was just an anthropocentric view of the surrounding context; where reality ceased being unquestionable, becoming an amalgam of subjective knowledge and, in many cases, decontextualized.

Given the apparent contingency of the medium, where the subject taking place [happening], one understands the response that she had as logical; nothing other than self-reassertion through self-enquiry. 

Thus knowing herself to be fragmented, and through the use of epistemological tools, she began a process in which she was able to interpolate concepts and create knowledge. As a result of this practice, she also created a cosmological structure, which responded to subjective values that were able to facilitate introjection, immediately affecting her. 

Returning to the theme, her current artistic activity stems from an almost linguistic source. The use of certain specific resources is clear, [her own tools, both corporal and material] that are capable of attracting the viewer to the very essence of the space where the work is being carried out.


Bea Padrón e Israel Reyes



Ad intus. The space in which we live 2015

Natural feather, variable dimensions

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