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ROMINA RIVERO artista contemporánea, art contemporary, aliento vital,vacío,dualidad, libertad



flow (er) 2016

. Plaza España (Cabildo of Tenerife) & TEA (Museum of Contemporary Art)

Flow(er) para Santa Cruz


Flow(er) is an art work and design consistent on a bench, street furniture; a replica (except for color) of bench Flow-er awarded and selected, representing Spain, at the European Young Designers Contest: European benches, which was located in the European Parliament (outsides) in the city of Strasbourg-France last May 2015. The pieces differ in color, nevertheless this differentiated use of color, is meant to be an allegory/metaphor of the different views and ideologies that are together under common interests, which gives us the idea of plurality in the Union.


A piece as symbol of correspondence between Tenerife and its capital city, and Strasbourg, French city that welcomes the European Parliament. Both places are linked, twinned by means an urban element, an exclusive piece of art and design which associates in a same European dimension as part of daily life: unity, development, modernity, prosperity, creativity, diversity, culture, art, ...



So therefore, Flow(er) soaks up of binomial Architecture-Nature, an artistic proposal as another sequence of the artificial natures designed by the architects Herzog & de Meuron. Besides, it establishes a seal of islander identity, through the language of a flower, the White Tajinaste, which resides exclusively in the mountains of Natural Park Anaga which rise in the presence of our look skirting the city, or by the flow of the sea and its waves coming to rest on our shores. Beautiful natural places towards where the capital city of Santa Cruz opens, a beautiful geography that defines us, characterizes us and conditions us, in our daily and extraordinary islander life.




Alfons Simó and Cabildo of Tenerife: Insular Crafts Company and Museum of Contemporary Art TEA (Tenerife Arts Space).

Artwork registered in LPI & Industrial Design registered OEPM


flow (er) 2016

Wood and water varnish,   2 x 0,35 x 0.55 m.

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