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SUBTLE MOMENTS OF ETHER   by Ernesto Valcárcel




Romina Rivero presents in this, her first individual exhibition, a series of object based work, delicate, fragile, austere work, sometimes ephemeral and always subtle, whose remarkable peculiarity, eventful and even initiation in intimate connotations, achives making me feel a sense of intrusion when facing me this brief excursus and public presentation of her fledgling career in the field of babel plastic and visual arts. Well, we find ourselves before an artistic product and a creative materialization whose generative process is inherent to the ideological and existential beliefs of its author. An aesthetic and cosmological productivity with remarkable and exotic Oriental reminiscences , which manifest the faith, perseverance and disciplined diligence of an emerging glitttering artist that with elementary and rudimentary local resources gives us the ability to dream and experience a complex and versatile overall phenomenology, which advocates and witnesses the joy of life and the willful introduction of freedom and justice.

A fresh, original and pristine contemporary art that we can enjoy at the “Lagunera House of Captains” ...

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