It´s conducive go to the South  2015


NOW´15  Art Gallery Artizar

The visual narrative of the creative project is founded on a single line of artistic operation, which relates around a connection of specific concepts: The Emptiness, the Duality (understood as a unit), the Ancient/Primitive and the Freedom. A work that explores "connections between natural and cultural forms" like an unbroken artery and a contingent map between Origin and Habitat, between Awareness and Action, was drawn. By aesthetic characteristics such as asymmetry, simplicity, austerity, the natural and/or subtlety, the present proposition embeds of Classical Alchemy´s investigation: Chinese and Western. Both praxis treasure a basal link, the Transmutation of one element into another.

A materialization of the existential where multiple factors (socio-political environment, cultural traditions, personal experiences and natural materials) are merged and operate as surrounding reality in the individual and collective memory, to give as fruit to a context where the opposites sculpt, model the artworks.

It is conducive go to the South, consists of a series of pieces that are recognized as transcription factors of living space, expression and scenography of the "Alchemist", in which is happening, the meticulous ritual of "material´s creation" known as Transmutation. A mixture of evolutionary origin, a delicate balance between the traditional and the opposed collision of the modern urbanism and the gentle nature. The Eastern and the Western, the public and the private, the tangible and the unreal, the urban and the rural, the superficial and the spiritual, the organic and the artificial, in an ethereal balance in the everyday of a life exposed to a precipitous and vertiginous social and economic transformation. Witness of these dualities, contemporary germs, the work of art as transposition of a conceptual stage, with the objective of to wake the awareness of their peers and to go through ideological borders in an attempt not only to symbolize the changes but to induce them.


It´s conducive go to the South I 2015

Wood, glass, paper, natural feather, metal, thread, silicone and ink,   2,12 x 1,80 x 0,15 m.

Be human 2014

Wood, silica sand, glass, metal and natural feather,   57 x 15 x 15 cm.


It´s conducive go to the South II 2015

Wood, glass, metal, paper, natural feather, thread and ink,   50 x 50 x 5 cm.


It´s conducive go to the South III 2015

Wood, glass, natural silk, paper, stone, gold bread, sealing wax, feather, thread and  alga,   50 x 50 x 5 cm.